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Missing Historic Merit Badges

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  • Missing Historic Merit Badges

    During the 2010 Centennial year, there were four "historical" merit badges introduced that could only be earned in that year...Carpentry, Pathfinding, Signaling and Tracking. Scouts in our troop earned and reported completion of 34 individual historical merit badges in 2010. These MBs do count toward advancement, and they appeared on all advancement and summary reports from ScoutNet...up until recently. BSA has apparently made the decision to completely remove any record of these MBs from their reporting system due to "abuses" by various Councils and troops. I guess what that means is people were earning and reporting them beyond the allowed period of time. Rather than leave the record of existing, properly-earned badges in the system for reporting purposes, BSA removed them entirely sometime in 2012. Scouts in our troop who previously had these MBs listed on their individual summary reports no longer have them. Does anyone else see this as a problem? BSA is telling us it's no big deal because "other records" can be used to prove the MBs were earned. I think it's ridiculous that they couldn't make a simple change that prevented anyone from reporting NEW instances of the MB without removing any record of the badges from the system completely. It just makes more unecessary work for parents and troops.

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    You have just answered a question for me. I have one scout with that issue; I just noticed that it is not showing on his advancement report anymore. Yes, this is simply really a poor response, and also confusing. If leadership changes, or records on the unit or council levels are inadequate, it can really be a problem come time for Eagle record verification with the minimal merit badges, especially if a scout earned more than one.

    If someone from National actually monitors this, you should move on this to fix it the "right way.


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      The national Advancement Team requested the four historic merit badges be taken down because some Scouts were continuing to earn them. They did not realize that the Internet Advancement software would also delete the badges from Scouts records. That wasnt supposed to happen. Since reprograming Internet Advancement isnt really an option at this point, they plan to add the merit badges back into the system. IA will eventually be replaced by advancement functionality that will be added to the new Unit Tools.


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          Good to know.

          I must say, I''m very surprised that these are/were trying to be earned. It was clearly noted numerous times and places that this was a one year deal.