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  • Troop Web Host

    Our troop is about to go to Troop Web Host from Troopmaster. Anybody else do that? I just want to try to anticipate anything that might be troublesome in that conversion. I know I'm going to lose the ability to print out Awards Cards and Merit Badge cards. Any other loss of functionality?

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    I don't think you will lose the ability to print......From what I read is that it will sync back to your main you should still be able to print...


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      I'm talking about troop web host, not the web version of Troopmaster. I know I can print out advancement reports, etc., but I'm wondering about the ability to produce the Awards Cards (i.e. rank advancement cards) and Merit Badge Cards (not blue cards). Troopmaster does those. I can't find any indication that Troop Webhost does.


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        I am interest too....give them a call and ask???????


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          Just got an email back from them. TroopWebHost does not have the capability to print Awards and Merit Badge cards, but they are looking into it.

          On that note, does anybody have an easy way to print Awards/Merit Badge cards outside of Troopmaster?


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            Is it a new product???? I don't see it listed on their list of offerings


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              TroopWebHost is a new product from a different company than Troopmaster. It is an internet based system, in which the data is stored on a server for $99 a year. It has many of Troopmaster's functions, as well as some financial functions, and the ability for parents, SMs, ASMs, Committee Members and Scouts to view their records.

              I haven't used it yet, but our troop is going to move to it from Troopmaster. It won't do the Awards/MB/Blue cards, but other than that it seems pretty thorough.



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                Thanks for the link....

                It looks to have absolutely everything I want in a troop management program......I need to play with it a bit more...... I hope the advancment module is as good as the way the rest of it looks....

                It is a little expensive. But it is so much more than troopmaster. Website, email host, accounting for individual accounts, are bonus features for me.


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                  We are going to it because of the accounts management piece--we're getting a new treasurer. Troopmaster has worked well for advancement. I will miss the ability to print out awards cards, but I'll get over it.


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                    Some years back I used the label file that troopmaster can create for these, imported that into a Word doc, played with the formattting a bit (ok, a lot), and use that to print on the clear 2-up Avery labels. Now I just use the COH list or blue cards to type in the information as it is already formatted and faster. It leaves room for the SPL/SM signatures on the card itself. They come out looking pretty nice.
                    Troopmaster doesn't(or didn't) have licensing for the images used by BSA on the cards.


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                      So basically, you create clear labels that you put on the cards from the Scout Shop?

                      Have you tried the templates that National has created for Awards cards (that are to be used with the full sheet awards cards sold by National)?

                      I used those before I realized TM had the capability.