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Printed advancement tracking chart for ranks

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  • Printed advancement tracking chart for ranks

    Where can I find a check off chart for tracking boy scout rank. One that I can list all the boys in the new patrol all at one time?

    Okay, I DO NOT need trax or the online version of what is in the scout handbook. Not looking for any online spread sheets. I have that.

    I just want a one /two page printed chart of the boy scout ranks for me to keep up with while working with my scouts. Something I can keep in my clipboard. Something I can check off at meetings ( after signing off in the scout's handbooks) and then use as a reference when updating whats on my computer.

    I guess an individual chart each for: Scout, Tenderfoot, 2nd Class, 1st Class, Star, and Life.
    Not so worried about Eagle. At least not yet anyways.

    The closest thing I can compare what I am looking for is to the cub scout progress charts that you'd find in the back of the cub scout leader handbook.

    Not individula, but the entire patrol on one chart.

    Been looking and looking , but you know how it is, I specifically type what I am searching for, but results are any and all kinds of charts, dogs, cats, somebody's car, a picture of the president, a cactus, a reference to a chart on how many times a person has sex, pirate map charts,etc.....

    Thanks! Mark

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    I think Troopmaster spits out something like that for T2FC, at least we get something of the sort from our advancement committee.
    During meetings, we have patrol leaders sign off on scouts. Then they take their books straight back to the advancement chair, who brings her labtop ready to enter progress.
    Anyway it's not too hard to do something on graph paper. Or, we crank out a spreadsheet where the columns have the requirement numbers and the each row is a youth. Search advancement tracking online and you'll come up with a variety of home grown solutions.


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      The troop record book # 34508 has what you are looking for.


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        Oh wow!

        I totally did not even think about going to the scout shop and seeing what they might have,

        Brain fart on my part!



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          A few Comments.

          1) In addition to the Troop Record Book there is also a Patol Record Book which is better for patrols and found here:

          2) If your crossovers are in a mixed age patrol (my personal preference)why are you signing off on rank? That's a PLs job.

          3) If you guys are in a NSP, why isn't the Troop Guide signing off as that is his job?

          4) Why are you not sitting in your chair drinking your cup of coffee?

          EDITED: Reread the OP and need to add to make relevant to the post. Keeping track of the records is 2 folks responsibility: The Scout and the PL or TG as the case may be. A 3rd may be added, the patrol scribe.

          Adults do not need to keep track of that as that is a youth responsibility.(This message has been edited by Eagle92)