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Agenda form for COH?

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  • Agenda form for COH?

    Does anyone have an outline format that they use to plan their COH? I am looking for a 'fill in the blanks' type form that the boys can use similar to a Troop Meeting or Campfire planner.

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    I haven't been able to find something like what I think you are asking for.
    There are lots of Eagle CoH forms out there but I can't find any for a
    "standard " CoH.

    For us, I prefer to have the Scouts(SPL) do one for themselves without using a template. We do keep the program handout (bulletins) from each CoH and allow them to look those over but most SPL's have been around long enough to come up with their own plan for how they want the CoH to run. It causes them to communicate with the prior SPL who was responsible for the program portion and to think about what the CoH is, and what it is about.

    The Adults do schedule the CoH's(although we would respond to a reasonable request for a "special" one from the SPL) and provide refreshments and "cracker barrel" time afterward but the program portion is something each SPL comes up with and modifies depending on if there are rank advancements or an Eagle he wants to invite to speak or just the normal celebration of completion of merit badges.


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      The Troop Program Resources book has one or two suggested plans for courts of honor.


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        Just remember to spread out the boring speeches in between the more interesting stuff.


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          Or just make good speeches so they are not boring.

          Why give a boring speech?


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            But would you not lose appreciation for a good speech if not exposed to those that are boring? And of course the label of boring would also vary according to the listener, and so I suppose that some folks would be bored if the speaker was not talking specifically about them, what they did and what badges they earned this past summer.


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              Why give a boring speech?

              Sometimes ya go no say in this!


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                I believe a COH worksheet is in the Communications MB booklet.