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First Class Requirements & Merit Badges

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    What if, as a second class scout, you have completed the requirements for camping and swimming and received the merit badges for such. Shouldn't you be signed off on First Class requirements #9a, b, &c (from swimming MB #3) as well as requirements #4a and b (from camping MB #8c&d)? If not, then in theory, a second class scout must perform a line rescue two times to be signed off on both the First Class requirement and the merit badge? I just don't see this as double dipping but as requirements defined by the merit badge.

    The requirements for the merit badges are much more detailed and rigourous than the parallel requirements for First Class. I think that if a second class scout completes these merit badges, he has clearly demonstrated these skills and should be signed off on the First Class requirements.

    I can see that if one is already First Class and is THEN going to work on these merit badges, one must demonstrate (again) that he has mastered these skills. You couldn't just say "Oh, yeah, I did that last year at camp..."


    • King Ding Dong
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      From swimming MB. #3 "before doing the following requirements, successfully complete Second Class rank requirements 8a-8c and First Class rank requirements 9a-9c." So in order to earn the Swimming MB or even work on any do the requirements after #3, the Scout has to have completed those requirements. #3 does not state the Scout must do them again for the MB. Unless the MB counselor did not do his job, those rank requirements were checked in the handbook or he had the Scout do them before proceeding any further.

      The parallel requirements in the swimming MB book are not more rigorous than for 2nd class and First class. They are exactly the same.

      Yes, if a Scout was signed off on First Class requirements over a year ago, I would require a BSA swimmer test before proceeding with the rest of the requirements.