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  • Advancement Tracking

    As a Cub Scout den leader, I have used Scoutmate software. It's pretty user friendly and I would be OK with using Scoutmate when I start our new troop in the Spring. But I am also aware of Troopmaster software. However, I don't know much about it other than what their website shows. I have yet to download a trial copy.

    I'd like opinions from those who might be familiar with both. Is eother one better than the other? Scoutmate is a one tome fee. Troopmaster is a yearly license, so more expensive in the long run. Is it worth it?

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    We use Troopmaster & love it! Easy to use! Great resource!

    Ed Mori
    Troop 1
    1 Peter 4:10


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      I've used PackMaster for tracking all manner of things for our Pack for about 4 years now. And I just took on Troopmaster for the local Boy Scout Troop. Both are very powerful tools and not difficult to learn. I would definitely recommend them.


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        Troopmaster is outstanding. It's easy to use and so efficient. It has all of BSA's "rules" programmed in, and is constructed to work the way real-world troops work.

        The dotnet option is so worthwhile. It lets you access your data from multiple locations (as long as you set it up properly at the outset), and lets you distribute some recordkeeping among other people so you don't have to do it all yourself!


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          I love Troopmaster. I've kept my Troop and Crews records for two years now; enables me to manage advancement, support, and activities.

          At the end of the day, the software is ONLY AS GOOD AS a Scribe's and his Advancement Coordinators desires to keep the DATA CURRENT.


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            I have to add another recommendation for the Troopmaster program! It is wonderful for helping you keep track of things as long as someone in the troop is dedicated to keeping records up to date. At every CoH now we do a print out for every scout to give to them...tells them what MB's they've earned, what Partials they still have to do (along with what requirements are missing!), what requirements they need to advance in rank, etc.. it helps parents see where their boys are and what they are or aren't doing!

            sue m


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              Thanks for the help!

              Scoutmate allows multiple leaders within a unit to have copies of the software and import / export files with each other. Does Troopmaster have that capability.

              I am think you might have a scribe, quartermaster, SM, etc. all needing to contribute to troop documentation. With the capability to share files (Scoutmate) this can easily be done.

              Can you do this with Troopmaster?


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                Speaking as a COR here (vice my role as advancement coordinator)...

                There are an array of INTIMATE personal information fields for families in any software package.
                - Social Security Numbers
                - Drivers License data
                - Insurance Data
                - Special Needs definitions.
                - Familial relationships.

                I have a family in my Troop; broken home. Mom absolutely insists Dad not have access to her contact information.


                You do not want to get your Chartered Partner involved in a data privacy or data theft accusation. Remember, the Chartered Partner is accountable for the actions and failures to act of its units.


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                  I've seen some very successful data tracking where:

                  - Scout is accountable for what enters his BS Handbook.
                  - Scribe is responsible for posting data from HB to the BSA Wall Chart.
                  - Advancement Coordinator:
                  --- Transcribes data to the database
                  --- Prepares Advancement Reports
                  --- Prepares individual and group reports for the SM and CC.


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                    Troopmaster has the ability to share the database with other leaders. The administrator can limit the degree of access for each user. Sensitive fields can be hidden.


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                      Has anyone heard anything about or used Scout Manage?


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                        I use ScoutManage with our Cub Scout Pack and think it's great. I'd heard great things about PackMaster, but wanted software that would allow parents access to their Scout's advancement information. ScoutManage allows you to set permission levels, so for a Boy Scout Troop, you can allow parent's to view, but not change, this data.

                        I also like being able to access it via the web - I can make changes from home or work without having to have software (other than a web browser) on the pc.

                        ScoutManage provides a number of useful reports, financial & events tracking, a calendar, etc.

                        Regarding the privacy issue, ScoutManage provides fields that are only visible to the specific user and the unit's software administrator. Each user has control over what information is available.

                        They offer a free 1 month trial (as does ScoutTrack) with all options available. You can set up your unit (or part of it) and see how you like it before committing. Give them both a try and compare.